All aglow

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #244: Glowing Moments
Ragtag Daily Prompt Monday: Log

This first photos are for both prompts then off to some random glows

I just did a quick pick of some photos that haven’t been out for a while. I’m just being lazy

31 thoughts on “All aglow

  1. Great photos for the “glowing” prompt! I liked the close view of the burning log. I also liked the room full of glowing table lamps and the sunset/sunrise over water. The mushrooms shown in vignette really shined brightly.

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    1. Thank you Michele. That was difficult to find and post that log on fire knowing that it was a huge lovely tree the day before. I had a bushfire go through my place in Dec 2019 and just around the house wasn’t burnt. Total devastation.
      Trouble is it’s a good photo I think as well Michele 🙂

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      1. You are welcome. A good photo with a troubling story associated with it. I am sorry to read about the devastation around your place. Serious stuff! Glad you were safe. I had to flee from a fire in the Black Hills of Colorado Springs a few years ago. Surreal, especially to see animals fleeing. My friend’s place met a similar fate as yours. Hers was the only place left standing. Miraculous fortune for her but terribly sad for the community. 😢

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    1. Yeah, it is from the fire. I mainly took a lot of photos to document the buses recovery. Hard to look at sometimes. Specific things can be ok but the whole of landscapes are the hardest ones to view

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