This Weeks Spam – 10 April

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week: Week 14 2023

Yes it’s that time of the week where I can roll out my best of spam for the week

“love it
Great blog post! I found it amusing to read about the different spam comments you received. I have a logical question – how often do you receive such spam comments and do you have any tips for dealing with them?

Well John or Jean I sense a touch of irony with this comment and a website that wants my to buy bitcoin

  • Next lets see what Array from on my post A garden surprise just added

“[…] A garden surprise […]”

This is a reblog I think without any contact to ask. I do not enjoy this and it attracted not one comment or referral fro their site. Does anyone else have this happen to?

“That is a nice post, made me think twice.”

Made you think twice about what. Spamming my blog or rethinking your reaching out to me to buy Snow Chains for my car. Yes a car that has never been in snow and will never be needing chains to drive in snow in my sub-tropical Australia

  • Always ready to interact with WordPress and Geneva Isenberg from gives me that opportunity when she/he commented on my post About with a scintillating opener of

“Hello (that’s a good start)

Looking for a stunning, responsive, and custom-built WordPress website? As a Senior Web Designer & Developer, I’m dedicated to understanding your needs and delivering engaging and impactful WordPress websites that leave lasting impressions.”
Geneva also added a lot of how wonderful and ended with –
“Don’t take my word for it! Check out my portfolio on Fiverr to see my exceptional work and what my clients have to say about my services.

Let’s get started and build a custom WordPress website that’s tailored to your needs and requirements. Contact me today and let’s make your dream website a reality!

Check out my portfolio on Fiverr”

I’d say how about check out my blog first and see what I do and then wish you never spammed me. Everyone can thank me for not showing you the long, many worded comment later.

  • And lastly is the impressively named Komandor who implored me on their website when commenting on my post Sometimes they just drop in with

“Looking for where to buy rare seeds? Check here first: [url=]Buy Rare Seeds [/url]”

Well thanks for the offer to buy seeds that “Here we offer high quality seeds that are collected in the forests, fields and mountains of southwestern Siberia, Russia. More than 90% of our assortment is collected by our hands in the wildlife” But I am not sure about the ethical nature of seed gathering and your impact on your environment so it’s a no from me.

Well that’s it for this week. Tune in next week and see what I can garner from the spam folder especially for you

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  1. I think Komandor should stop putting his hands in the wildlife to collect seeds. It will be equally unpleasant, but much safer, to wait a while before collecting.

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