Roundish windows

Ludwig’s Monday Window

I have been trying to group my window photos and there were a few that I wasn’t sure where they should go. These windows are round and some roundish.

Can’t get any more round than this window on a church in Toowoomba…….until you look at it closely

A window on a big pavilion in the Grafton Show Grounds. I really would like to go inside when it is empty as it is a Heritage Building. I have been inside lots of times when the space is being used for functions or show exhibits, never taken photos for some strange reason.The buildings name is The Barn

Back in Toowoomba. This city has a good Art Deco buildings still. The first of the roundish photos

How about this building? What is the top design? A man with a weird hairstyle, sunglasses and moustache. A couple of birds singing.

I am guessing this is another Toowoomba church window the most roundish of the roundish ones

Where is everyones window photos? Even one will do and link it to Ludwigs Monday Window

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