Life among the flowers

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge April: Close up or macro

There are some Grevilleas in my garden flowering, a last hurrah before Winter. You wouldn’t call this one other than Coconut Ice would you?

In a Honey Gem flower, a tiny Stingless Native Bee is getting right in there.

A Beetle and a Bee share a Honey Gem flower

How cute is a Stingless Native Bee on the end of the flower. The bee is about the size of a match head, if any one remembers matches 😂

Butterflies add so much colour, Scarlet Jezebels even more so

The Robyn Gordon takes a piece of all the colours and keeps things snug. The larger Honeyeaters like these flowers

Like the Blue-faced Honeyeaters

and the Noisy Friarbirds

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