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Dan’s Thursday Doors

Today was an in town morning and of course there were lots of people around town with Easter here already. To have a relaxing coffee I go to the art gallery cafe where there’s not too many people mostly. We’re not going to the cafe, I have already been, this is going through the doors of the Grafton Regional Art Gallery.

Through these doors and doorways and then across the courtyard to the exhibition space.

Going along the verandah on the right hand side we come across this door.

Now that door above ⬆️ is on the left as we look from the exhibition space front doors back across the courtyard

If you turn left after going through the front doors, you’ll come across the doors that lead to the sculpture garden

OK, it’s time to go inside and look at the exhibition by Catherine O’Donnell “Beyond the Shadow” I did a post Outside windows inside for Monday Windows on the windows. Now it’s time for the doors within this exhibition.

This will give you a bit of an idea of what to expect

Let’s go, through these doors and let’s see what doors can be found

Yes, it is a house, albeit a scaled down one

Isn’t it a great door, I love the colour. I do remember a lot of houses had these front door. Having the squares and frame lent for some imaginative doors

This is the door to the second house

But this is the coolest door of all called “Suspended” Charcoal on paper, tape on the wall

This door is on the right hand side of the exhibition space front doors

Hope you enjoyed a wander through the Grafton Regional Art Gallery. Maybe next time you can join me in the cafe

23 thoughts on “Doors at the gallery

  1. I love the photo showing the path through the doors. The exhibit is very interesting. I like the frosted patterns in the glass, especially the one that looks like dandelions. Great doors and it must have been a fascinating visit. I checked out your other post. The window with the curtains is haunting.

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  2. What a varied and interesting gallery, Brian! There’s beautiful glass and cool doors. I found it unusual that several of the doorknobs are so high. I’d love to stop at the cafe as well if there’s room.

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    1. Going in through the old house, which was a doctors surgery and main gallery, to the large space with those etched glass doors is wonderful :_


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