The dining room

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Character

I was on holiday for a few days in Split, Croatia. The hotel I was in was something from the 1940’s. It was so lovely in the sometimes chaos, the iron doors to open on the elevator and hopefully end up somewhere. I always took the stairs but nothing ever happened that wasn’t easily fixed to the elevator. The room was small but adequate.

The next morning at breakfast on of the other guests said it seemed incongruous to look outside and see modern cars and motorbikes when you could imagine that we tied up our donkeys last night out the front. Breakfast was a fine buffet and a waiter came around with a trolley dispensing tea or coffee. I was reprimanded for trying to serve myself from his trolley gently but firmly.

After walking about Split most of the day, I was headed back to my room when I passed the dining room set up for tomorrows breakfast. Did I capture the rooms character?

Sneaking in another Monochrome Madness

11 thoughts on “The dining room

  1. What a lovely excursion to yesteryear. You certainly have captured the room’s character very well. Awesome that you visited Croatia. It is a beautiful country and I have happy memories of Split.

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  2. You did indeed, and how lovely to see it.

    I absolutely love white tablecloths, knives and forks that are set precisely in order. I wish there were more of it today instead of the mismatched plates and knives and forks of different designs,
    Thank you, for sharing this one, Brian. A nostalgic interpretation of the challenge. 🙂

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