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Last Saturday I went to town as I usually do to get a few bits and pieces for the weekend. A lot of the cafes in town get rather busy on a Saturday morning so I head just a block away from the main street to the Art Gallery for a coffee and if I am feeling naughty, a biscuit, they make these yummy wafer thin crunchy honey and oats and nuts biscuits or a piece of cake if they have any that I like left.

What has this got to do with windows or even windows inside, but I’ll get to that.

After a lovely relaxing coffee in the comfy chairs inside whereas most people sit in the courtyard or on the verandahs. Not many people know of the comfy chairs inside where I can I look at my Reader or look at comments plus a bit of people watching. After my coffee on Saturday morning, I decided to have a look at the exhibitions, as one of them is finishing before this weekend. I am glad I did as there was an exhibition and installation by the artist, Catherine O’Donnell, Beyond the Shadow

What has this got to do with windows or even windows inside?

Well first off have a quick read of a description of what’s to come. I must apologise to the quality of photos and to the fact that I cannot read the name plates to let you know what she has named her works

I really like this one.

These are just on the wall. So very clever. I think it was called “Behind the curtains lies a beating heart”

Another work attached to the wall.

And then all of a sudden as I rounded the corner, there in the Art Gallery was a house

A bit further in was another house. They look deceptive. I would have a hard time getting through the door having to almost bend in half or crawl inside

This is my favourite, this painting has to be almost three metres tall. Couldn’t you walk straight in

Now wasn’t that a stroke of luck to find windows in the Art Gallery as I had finished my Shades of Grafton series and was wondering what to post this week.

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