The post office clock

Xingfumama’s Three to One Photo Processing Challenge: April 2023

This is a fun photo challenge. I did spend too much time playing around (the last half of my cup of tea had gone cold!) Here is the clock tower on the Ballina Post Office. One day I hoping I will be there at 9:15 when it looks like a sleepy chicken ๐Ÿ˜‚ This time it was a lovely sunny day.
This photo it totally unedited.
All the other three are editing and played with using Corel PaintShop Pro 2023 Ultimate software

This is an effect called Weathered. I set it to around 20% Had colour Match set at 100% Smooth the image at about 25% – I didn’t write down exactly what I had done sorry. Same for the next one.
I tweaked the shadows and light a small amount on this photo

I am yet to utilise this effect to what I think I can produce. It is called Pointillism. I set it at around 50%, 100% Colour Match and Smooth Image was quite low as I like the sharpness on the edges

I went into a surrealist mode. Starting with Effect called Feedback. Most software would have Feedback along with Kaleidoscope usually.
The Opacity 47% so you could see the clocks behind faintly. Made the shape elliptical. Intensity set at 51% This gives the size and number of “feedbacks”, moved it from the centre of the photo a bit. Added an elliptical vignette mainly light and feathered edges

30 thoughts on “The post office clock

  1. Yes to the sleepy chicken photo. We need to see this! I always tend to prefer the originals, but the top edit is quite fun – chicken with measles perhaps.

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  2. Interesting to play around with. I kind of liked the pointillism edit. It looks Cartoon-like. The post office does look like a chicken. I guess you’ll have to go back at 9:15 one day so we can see it sleepy.

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    1. Thanks Donna, glad you can see the chicken too ๐Ÿ˜‚ I first saw a Dali self portrait done in dots like that when I was still at school on an excursion. I didn’t do Art as a subject as it clashed with Music. Of course I wanted to do both so I snuck onto an excursion bus to the Art Gallery. Seeing that painting is still in my my head.

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      1. hahaha . I loved art in college, but didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I didn’t want to teach at the time. Ironic that I became a teacher. lol.

        No wonder you have a creative mind. All the arts that bring you fascination drive that .

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  3. Yes, definitely has a face-like quality to it. I think I prefer the original, but if the processed ones, I like the Pointillism one best. Makes it look like a comic book illustration.

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