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Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Improvise

A while ago I bought an old wooden suitcase with the aim to restore it and sell. I bought it for $20 and it wasn’t in the best of condition. I stripped it down and tried to tidy the bits and pieces. It was basically made from plywood and was a fit difficult to replace the parts that were broken.

I kept most of the hardware, the hinges, handle and locks but had to replace the corner protectors as a few were bent or missing. I bought a set for less than $10. The old one is on the right. I rather like the new ones which are a bit more ornate.

Once I had it almost finished I thought it looked not all that good. The repairs to the wood on the outside were hard to get matched to the original so I decided to paint the case black. The interior needed a bit of a lift so a few pages of old music books were used to line the inside.

I put the finished suitcase on the local Buy, Swap and Sell FB site. A young lad bought it for $60 and he was going to use it to carry his bagpipes around.

A song to go with the finished suitcase

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    1. Thanks Lisa. I do stuff a lot. Soimetimes I get something that’s not in a good shape just paint it and sell on. My best was a re-pro NSW Government railway luggage wire rack. They went above your seat in steam trains and early electric trains. I bought it at a tip shop for $20 Sprayed it black and sold it for $110 😁


    1. So true Lou. I took quite a few hours to do so if I added the labour cost I would never recoup the outlay of a few dollars. I am happy you liked what I created from something that was probably going to be landfill


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