Shades of Grafton #23 – The Leftovers

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Here are the last window shades in the folder. It has been fun roaming around town looking for window shades, some have been amazing, some have been part of house renovations and some have been rather tired, sad and looking for a bit of love.

These last four are a bit random which I could have added to other posts but but those posts probably had too many photos so they were cut from the list. Anyway it’s their time to shine, so’s to speak

I think these hooded shades were not used perhaps I felt were not distinct enough

I did use the left hand side of this Art Deco house as the other photo showed the front and side shades better

A mix of shade types on this house. Hooded shades on the western side while the one on the front has a corrugated iron top

This is the only modern industrial type shade I found which shades the eastern side of the building in one long shade or to use the real name, an awning.

That is the end of the shades of Grafton for Monday Windows. If I find others, they may appear in future window posts as there are windows under those shades. Thank you for hanging in there with my shade obsession.

I thought I would end this series with a song. I hope you like it

12 thoughts on “Shades of Grafton #23 – The Leftovers

    1. That is lovely of you to enjoy the shades. Twenty three weeks is enough for most people I think . Plus I have so many other windows to share.
      Glad you enjoyed the song too Sheree 🙂

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  1. The industrial shade, or awning, is actually quite interesting with its supports in the middle of the windows rather than at their edges. Not sure that’s a winning idea! Great series though Brian, looking at all the different ways for addressing the same issue.

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