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Don’t hold Your Breaths: Bird of the Week

Well, thanks to Lisa’s post I now have another photo challenge on my list one that will be very easy for me and is close to my heart. Bung up a bird photo, link to IJ’s site and there you go.

First off I was being spied on as I was spying on an eastern Spinebill in a Firesticks Grevillea.

From Don’t Hold Your Breath
There aren’t many places on WordPress where bird watchers can share posts. If you post any photos of birds this week (starting today and up to next Monday), it would be great if you could leave a link in the comments, or a pingback, for others to follow. There is no compulsion to post a recent photo, but it would help others to know when and where you saw the bird. You might consider using the tag “Bird of the Week” in case people search for old posts using it.

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  1. I love the look…”Can I help you, Brian?”. This looks like a challenge I’d enjoy. We’re just starting to hear the birds again, sure sign spring is on the way! Well, officially it’s here, just too bad no one let the weather know.

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  2. I love the way the foliage frame the bird and colors sync with the bird
    Also – you really do have some of the best bird photos I have ever seen and so this challenge truly is one to add to your list….

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