This Weeks Spam – 20 March

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week: Week 11 2023

I know you have been waiting for this post to appear haven’t you? There has been a few so this may take a bit of time.

I begin this episode with a comment from

  • Wags paws adored from “” who didn’t really comment on “Monday Portrait 13 March” just put

[…] Monday Portrait – 13 March […]

I am sorry but I already know what I posted

  • Next up TheCloudGallery from who, like Wags above let me know on my post “Wordless Wednesday 15 March”

[…] Wordless Wednesday – 15 March — bushboys world […]

Again I think I might know the name of my own post don’t you?

  • We have karkasnye_bmot from with a Cyrillic comment on “Wordless Wednesday 15 March”

дома каркасные москва [url=][/url].

I am sure what you have to say but sorry I am on the Ukraine side

  • Good old Robertglork from webtest345687534xvhfd.xer who commenting on the most popular “Wordless Wednesday 15 March still likes to wish me

Hello. And Bye. https://webtest345687534xvhfd3333.xer

Thank you for your wishes Robert but I wish that the block him worked quicker

What a wrap-up of the Ludwigs Monday Windows series. This post covers the shades I found, as well as a few repeats of different views of the same shade.
I like these shades a lot – they’re wide and have a lot of color coordinated detail. They look great on an old building in the cathedral grounds, and I like the way they’ve color coordinated the greens.

Dear Joanna I actually know what I wrote. I may be getting older but still retain a few faculties.

  • Another Russian entry from bolezni_vaot who placed a comment on “I guess I’d better hoof it” with another comment in Russian.

болезни винограда [url=][/url].

I actually had a look and the website is a scientific paper of sorts on diseases in grape vines. What it had to do with Ungulates is in question

  • Now we have a bit of desperation from agndoden from who want me, when commenting on “Glorious sunset over the neighbours cow”

If you are interested in light subject you can visit my blog or become a follower!

I don’t know about you but begging for followers I feel is a bit demeaning

  • The last one….yes really the last one was from zakazat_oppn from who sent me a comment on “I guess I’d better hoof it”

заказать печать в москве недорого [url=][/url].

I am guessing you want me to buy lots of cardboard but I do have sufficient at the moment thank you.

I hope you enjoyed the spam that arrived last week. There hasn’t been anything since Friday for this week so far but don’t despair, I am sure something will turn up for our entertainment.

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  1. Wow, your spam folder has had an eventful week! 🤯

    I deleted a few dozen yesterday. I should have waited – had a few funny ones.

    Only one:
    “Wow, that’s what I was looking for, what a material!
    existing here att this webpage, thanks admin of this webb

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