Not quite a teenager

I have been informed by WordPress that today is my Anniversary of blogging. Yes I am a twelve year old blogger.
I did do a few posts back in 2012 but no where as many as I do now. Back then I did 12 posts for the whole year!!!

This is one of my early posts, inspired to share after one of my European holidays. I hope you like to look back at my Tales of a Distant Farm. In keeping with my European Thursday Doors theme, I am including another door from Italy with a surprise behind that door.

That year I was also in cooking mode and this is one of mine which was modified from other recipes

That’s one milestone I guess so its on to the next posts to inflict my bit of Australia on your screens, things to make you go ohhh ahhh and some to make you scream πŸ˜‚

64 thoughts on “Not quite a teenager

  1. Because comments are closed there, I couldn’t say anything on these earlier posts. But honestly, you should re-blog some of these. A lot of us wrote our earliest posts to nobody very much, and they often had interesting things to say, as that first one of yours did. As to the cauliflower recipe. I was wondering what to do that was different with the cauli I have. Job done now …

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    1. Thanks Margaret. I have done a few reblogs but none lately.
      That is so true that early days only friends and family used to look at what was posted.
      Please give my recipe a go and let me know if the family enjoyed it πŸ™‚

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  2. Twelve is a fine age for a blogger, well done. You age like that cheese and salami in your old dairy post. πŸ˜€ I enjoyed your recipe too, with two sentences standing out: “Add a cup of cold water and stir. (This will stop the pasta sticking).” I’m not sure if anybody in Italy (at least in Rome) do this little trick, no matter how logical it sounds. Have you heard of this in Italy or have you been doing it like this since forever on your own? To many more fine meals and posts! And doors!!

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    1. Thank you Manja πŸ€—
      I think I found out about the cold water trick from an Italian chef on a cooking show and still do it if I am cooking a large pot of pasta for a lot of people. Sometimes I will when cooking a small amount for myself.
      Yes I should put a few more of my recipes up, post a lot more stuff and of course doors now I am in the swing πŸ˜€

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  3. Congratulations Brian! Quite the achievement. Funny how our blogs change and morph over time, but it’s great to have a wonderful way to share our images online with folks that appreciate creativity. Even the ones that make me scream…although I do love your bug and spider close-ups! Cheers πŸ₯‚ to another 12 years!

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    1. I agree about the changes to what we post as we evolve together with the comments, almost always positive and good, from people from all over the world.
      Cheers Terri πŸ₯‚

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  4. I am really glad you blogged back then! It is really inspiring to see how you have grown and changed in the past twelve years. I remember when you started blogging, you did twelve posts a year and it was really exciting to see. I know it is a lot harder now, but I am sure you still manage to make a difference in the world. I hope you keep up the great work!

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