Shades of Grafton #21 – The Hooded Shades

Ludwigs Monday Windows

This is the final post for the hood shades a bit of a wrap-up of the ones I found, plus a few repeats of different views of the same shade.

A pair of shades that need a bit of attention on an old building in the cathedral grounds

This one is probably the widest shade I found. I like how they have colour coordinated the greens

A closer look at the detail on another window from the same house.

It does look like these are a pair of a newer sturdy type of hood.

The poor battered shades with the indignantly of having an old air-conditioning unit separating them

A classic Art Deco house with its rounded front and curves. It was hard to get the best view with one window to show the details of the scallops and the flower design on the side.
On another matter, check out the verandah metal gutter cut on the curve. That takes skill.

Another pair that could do with a wash. They have unique small scallop edging but still the same flower end design.

Has to be one of the best. Yes you have seen this one before but I took a close up later when the backyard wasn’t a hive of activity

This ends the hooded shades, next week it will be the rest of the shades I found in my closest town, Grafton

13 thoughts on “Shades of Grafton #21 – The Hooded Shades

  1. These are mostly very elegant indeed. What’s the pipe in the first photo? It’s almost worse than the air conditioner! The ones in the fourth photo look like vent hoods over a restaurant stove! The Art Deco house is a beauty.

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    1. Thanks Graham. I think that pipe is a sewer vent pipe. I’ll check next time I am in town. I did think the same so I wonder if they were recycled. I will have to remember where that Art Deco house was and get the whole house although I think they have extensive gardens

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