This Weeks Spam – 13 March

Fandangos Spam Comment of the Week – Week 10 2023

The spammers must have heard my laments about a lack of decent spam let alone the lack of comments that grace my spam folder. Well folks your prayers have been answered with some classics as well as the regular sort. Want to see what I have?

Lets begin with first off the rank with
Sarah Jones from who left a comment on my post A sense of order” replying to the challenge host, Marsha

“Hi Marsha,

I’m curious about your quote about “the proper order of things being a mystery to me.” What do you think is behind the mystery?

Thanks for your thoughts.”

My thoughts. Going to your drug website is weird. Though the mail prozac sort of product if you are “brain fogged” Sarah doesn’t use the product. Cover blown with the cheery Hi Marsha in my post comments

I’ve besen surfing online moe than three hours lately, but I never didcovered any interesting rticle like yours.
It is beautiful vaue sufficient for me. In mmy opinion, if all
webb owners and bpoggers made just riht contebt ass yyou did, tthe
internwt might be a loot more usaeful than ever before.

Not had one of these great grammar and spelling comments in ages – maybe they have been out looting the internwt to be more usaeful

  • Who could deny dropping into the next spammer, no name just the website nicenic net Wouldn’t you visit nicenic. He popped a comment onto my post “Close your eyes, a deep breath”

Who we are?
NiceNIC.NET is an ICANN, CNNIC, HKIRC, gTLDs, ccTLD, newgTLDs Accredited Domain Registrar, and Hong Kong TOP Data Center,Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Tencent Cloud cooperated Hosting & Server Provider, founded in 2006, based in Hong Kong, China. We offer domain names and hosting & server services at affordable prices. Meet our team>>
(website was here)

Yep, buy any domain you want from the big list and pay in bitcoin from your vast bitcoin account. You have one of course, doesn’t everyone?

  • This is a classic from Robertglork whose comment on “Last on the card – February 2023”

Hello. And Bye.

Nice of you to drop in Robert. I’d write back and tell you that your webtest didn’t work and that site just doesn’t exist.

  • Another first in commenting from Zoe Smith who hails from where you can buy your CBD oil commenting on my post “Shades of Grafton #20 – The New Style” with

I really like this one! The colors of the repaint and the clean lines. Looks like the same salesman sold the same style a few houses down, but I think the colors are a little different. I think the house color and shape of the shades make them look quite lovely. These would have to be my favourites. The only brick house I found that has window shades. They are adjustable and roll up. Not made of aluminum but a shade cloth. There are some new shade cloth shades appearing that I may try and photograph sometime

At first I read, then re-read and thought those words look familiar, then the penny dropped, they are my photo captions!!! Well played Zoe

  • The last one is so out of left field from Stephentug who commented on my post “Not for your eyes” with a huge rave about wedding photography. Here are snippets

Bridal pictures and the video grow into a long-lasting memory when it comes to couples plus the guest visitors…..As a marriage planner it is important to make sure that the digital photographer therefore the videographer hired would be the best.

Unique technology has caused it to be plausible to not just generate a wedding videos but also making it a wedding film at a fair amount. It is really typical some occasions that most of the couples prefer motion picture videography of these wedding receptions.

Probably one of the most essential aspect of a wedding could be the pictures. The wedding photos is exactly what is remaining anytime anything else is away

Here is the number 1 reasons why we likely will never actually photograph marriages becoming smart doesn’t send that whatever additional still at precisely the same time, taking chances is also a fault in the event you miss the snapshot. And I also wouldn’t desire to are unsuccessful on either count when it comes to client.

As a customer, are tutored: understand what you want when it comes to type, obtainable, and how much it should roughly price see the efforts of many men and women and get rates before you make a choice. click on our business *at the seattle mormon temple and commercial-spa-products *this is my interpretation

I think I was almost convinced about what ever I was to be convinced about Stephen, until that almost constructed website appeared (the ….. are mine to remove the name)
url=https://………./commercial-spa-products/][color=#000_url]seattle mormon temple[/color][/url]

Well there you have it a wonderful lot of spam with variety, I hope you enjoyed your journey through my spam 🙂

23 thoughts on “This Weeks Spam – 13 March

  1. Your replies to the spam are very funny.
    I daren’t repeat any spam comments in case I end up in your spam folder. One of my friends was incarcerated in my WP Spam Prison for six months simply for leaving two ordinary comments. After that, every comment he wrote on my site went straight into the spam! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I contacted WordPress and was told that certain words are picked up on.

        One word that Peter used began with Alg when discussing Facebook, The spam checker didn’t like the use of the word in the sentence.
        You used it here to reply to Stine Writing.

        I was also told Peter’s comments on my site would be monitored over a period of time and until then he would remain in the Spam. talk about Big Brother! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my, there is a lot going on there. 🤯 You have managed to find humor in the madness – true talent!

    I have been bombarded with visits from “Jotobo” – here is the latest:
    “I appreciate all your help ferreting out such an extensive list of species related to otters”

    Liked by 1 person

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