Lucky Dip – 4 March

Lucky Dip – Saturday Mix

“Your story cubes this week are:”

His DNA was found on the arrow at the crime scene.

Now Tom was on the run. At first he hid where ever he could. Sometimes in abandoned buildings or somewhere he felt safe. He had to get out of town with just what he has in his pockets but first he had to find somewhere to sit and think.

He knew just the right place to go, close to town but is almost a world away from troubles.

Tom was resourceful and knew how to fend for himself. He earned the Backwoodsman Badge in Boy Scouts, coming first in not only his troop but first overall of all the boys who were being examined for their badges. Learning how to survive with very little, living off what the land can provide, he excelled.

He was able to pick edible plants along the pathways, catch fish in that little stream that ran under the bridge where he sat and considered his options. He slept as well.

He really was a pawn in the bosses hands. They made sure that Tom touched everything that was at the crime scene. Tom decided that it would be better for him to disappear somewhere in the world. The law was after him to get justice for Slims widow even they really knew who killed Slim.

The tree? Well trees have happiness and every story should end on a happy note.

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