Doors of Italy

Dan’s Thursday Doors

Continuing on with the collection of door photos from my European holidays.

This time we are off to Italy and a look at the final photos of Italian doors.

May as well start in Rome with an impressive solid metal door. The door surround is fabulous

A metal door so large I could get it all in

Wooden with lots of metal studs in Florence. On the chain was red/white safety tape. I edited it out for you viewing pleasure

A wonderful Bologna door. The bottom bit needed a bit of TLC and I hope it got it

Another of my favourite places. The hilltop town of Orvieto not far from Rome. This door has everything going for it.

What an entrance in Genoa!! I would almost call it brutalist style except it is a bit older than the 1950’s

A very ornate entrance and door in Florence

A close up of the carvings on the door

38 thoughts on “Doors of Italy

  1. That first door is huge! The access ramp looks anemic lined up in the corner. It looks like it was put there for Lego people. These are all great. I love the stone entrances and the craftsmanship on display. The ornate door in Florence is interesting. I’m assuming the details were applied to the surface of the door, but it’s an amazing look. Like they used the door as a canvas. Thanks for sharing these!

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  2. Another fabulous collection Brian. I supposed those super tall doors were so that people could go in and out with banners and the like. I wonder how easy they are to open and close! The Genoa door looks like the entrance to an Egyptian tomb.

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        1. Nothing special. Probably catching up on what I wanted to do today.
          My day interrupted by…..
          – Pantry
          – mice
          – One litre UHF milk carton which was on the second top shelf and trickled to the floor.
          The pantry needed a good scrub anyway but only managed half as I did a out of date throw out as well and lots of washing up 🙂


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