This Weeks Spam – 27 February

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week – Week 8 2023

Good morning my fellow spam aficionados and lovers of the absurd stuff that somehow manages to get into that wonderful spam folder. This week I have a special treat. but first off

ajuhousayaw from those random lawyers at on the post “Monday Portrait – 20 February” just sent that link once again

[url=]Atvupane[/url] Muridami
Once blocked but returned for one last hurrah I suspect

– Then NathanVah wanted me, when commenting on “Shades of Grafton #18 – In Need of Repair ” just decided that my life may be better if I went to his site

1xbet bangladesh office
to entice me to have a bet on anything I would guess. I am not gambling to go to that website

– That person from Islamic Specialist For Love Back from sent me a lovely comment on the post “Wait to open” of nice flower

-But the surprise of them all was when a lovely fellow blogger, Martha Kennedy from comment was in the spam folder.
This was a bit of WP having fun with comments. Martha sent a comment to my post “They are all at it” with an attachment to a video.

Well it looks like Martha thought that the comment didn’t go through, so as we all do, tried again. This time the comment came through but not the video. Undaunted Martha tried a third time, imagine frustration building, this time it was just the video link and ta daa, the link arrived in my spam folder. It is a but risque but is safe to click on the video link for 6 seconds of nature

That’s all the spam for this week. Hopefully next week may bring some fun spam folder comments

7 thoughts on “This Weeks Spam – 27 February

  1. 🤣 That’s hilarious, but I can see why my video was marked spam. It is bug porn, after all, and very graphic. I gave it another shot today — so check your spam folder. No porn this time unless you consider a really abysmal imitation of Werner Herzog to be pornographic just because it’s so bad, and I can see why anyone might. Just wondering if maybe you told WP to put links in the spam folder? Some people do that…

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    1. Glad you saw the funny side Martha 🙂
      I get links and when I checked what goes in it is general settings.
      Oh well at least your Werner Herzogesqu pornographic video came through no worries 😂

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