5 Minutes Ago – 26 February

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #89

The morning photos from my usual spot. A bit of light cloud in an otherwise blue sunny sky.
I was wondering if these photos are becoming a bit boring as sometimes it seems that they photos seem the same each time, unless I am awake early enough to get a colourful sunrise.

Do you think I should change my direction for my photos from the small deck into something more interesting?
While writing, this song came to mind. Renée Geyer was a most wonderful Australian singer. Unfortunately Renee died in January this year so please enjoy this song.

Light cloud drifting across the sky. The sun is still low among the trees

The sunshine filled Eucalypts are reaching for the clouds

17 thoughts on “5 Minutes Ago – 26 February

  1. – Mohamad’s Weekend Sky is a beautiful and relaxing photograph

    – The song Renée Geyer came to mind as the photographer thought of their photo

    – The photo is very peaceful and calming

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