This Weeks Spam – 20 February

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week – Week 7 2023

Well my lovelies, I was in a spam drought during the week with only a few appearing in the Spam Folder, so imagine my surprise when I opened it up to see what cheer I could spread with you and there is eleven spam comments!!! Oh contain my expectant heart. What treasures will await us today.

Basically it did boil down to a bit of a disappointment with a lot coming from one web address and a cast of stars.

equsekodiv comment on “Going for a drive”
[url=]Ecolunaz[/url] Eqahko

axotaqi comment on “Let’s go to Bologna”
[url=]Gecusic[/url] Idehxsod

ivewkhoif also a comment on “Let’s go to Bologna”
[url=]Aqelalu[/url] Orutate

oyubefaekese comment on “Words of Wisdom – Y23 #2
[url=]Eruvomota[/url] Aiulojiec

– But the a saviour appeared, long lost from my spam comments, sherrieln11 from xxxsexyxx.hotblognetwork……came along with a comment on “Words of Wisdom #2” with the first p0rn comment in months. Behold

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Goodness me is Lindsay Lohan still a p0rn thing?? But they did try to entice me with a “wood room” but I have a shed full of wood thanks very much.

AmberlySrOi from thinks I need a date and get out more bless their little hearts with a comment on “Share Your Desktop” I am not Catholic but will st Р°ugstine be of any use to my love life?

dating flirt site free
[url=””]free chat sites dating[/url]
st Р°ugstine fl book matches online dateing

– Then the next lot all appeared on my “Going soft” post.

All who were aficionados of [url=]Unezep[/url] Ekodajo
or similar to the first lot of spam above.
I must give them marks for such creative names. Actually after I posted “Going soft”, I was suddenly though that my Spam Folder was going to be swamped with Viagra or Erectile Dysfunction products but instead I had a website that had links with Accident and Compensation Lawyers. Are they still called Ambulance chasers?

Well that’s our Spam fun for this week. Off to do the block and delete, clean out the folder for your next weeks entertainment I hope

13 thoughts on “This Weeks Spam – 20 February

  1. I hardly get any “porn” comments in spam anymore. Now they all go right to my trash folder after putting “porn” and “p0rn” as restricted words. But seems that I’m missing some interesting spam comments.

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    1. It was a delight to finally get something other than those other repeats of nothingness.
      That what happens when you are an academic, all the intelligencia attracted like moths to a flame. Your eloquence decries to those less fortunate, come and bathe in words of more than one, nay two syllables, from thence besotted and compelled to write comments on your site expressing gratitude.
      Where, I, just a dumbass photographer find the gutter people without the ability to enunciate their feelings.

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