Treasure – not buried, used

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Treasure

I have shared this treasure from my past before. When I saw the prompt, I closed my mind and thought of what is a treasure and more over, what is treasure to me and this box sprung to mind.

Something I value and hold quite close to my heart. Knowing that my grandfather made this box using the contents does make it feel special. Of course there are bigger tools that don’t fit in the box as well. This box was always in Dad’s workshop, which was grandfathers before that, and Dad was always showing me how to use the tools and helping me make stuff. I am the third generation to hold, feeling the past hands as I work with what I consider, my family treasure.

Let’s open it and have a look inside.

Yes, just a box of old tools. See on the right hand side, they are pipe clamps. The top is screwed onto a pipe and the bottom part you cab see slides up or down and the little trigger locks it in place. I used these when building my house only the pipes I used were almost three meters long. I would set out the wall frame, then gradually tighten the clamps and then I could nail everything together.

The rear left wrapped in one of grandmothers old lacy things, is a Spokeshave and is very sharp still. I use it every now and then and have never sharpened it. As grandfather was a Wheelwright, he made wagons, so he used the spokeshave to shape the spokes of the wheels.. The old tins, another of my collecting addiction, contained all sort if fine nails and pins, even a fish hook.

The drills. The one at the top I bought in a job lot at a clearing sale. The big brace and the canvas bag of bits. The drill bits go from quite small 1/4″ up to a 2″. These have a quite sharp tip. The big bit is poking out to show the sharp tip. At the lower part of the box are chisels but who can tell me what the silver looking pointy tool is among the chisels?

Although I do use grandfathers tools sometime, a lot of the time I am using the modern variety

24 thoughts on “Treasure – not buried, used

  1. I love this. I recognise lots from watching my late husband in his workshop, lots of inherited stuff from both our dads, though, like you he also had lots of modern stuff. I used to nip out with cups of tea and watch him work.
    Thank you for joining us, Brian. πŸ™‚

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  2. I notice an old egg beater hand drill in the chest. A few tool dealers have started selling them again. Almost exactly the same model. When the power goes the old egg beater and the bit n’ brace will still get the job done.

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  3. Is the silver pointy thing with string on the blunt end a plumb line for ensuring the vertical? My grandfather had something very similar in his tool box… πŸ™‚

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  4. Looks like you keep them in good shape, Brian. Even if you don’t use them it is so worth keeping them for the history and the memories. The silver thing looks like some kind of punch, for starting drill holes.

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    1. I do the best I can to look after the tools. Using them is the best way to keep them in shape.
      No cigar for you Graham. It is a plumb bob. I don’t use it much any more but did when building my house πŸ™‚

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