35 thoughts on “I couldn’t resist these any longer

  1. Now I have to tell you a true story πŸ˜‰
    The residence of the retirement home “Shady Pines” were going on a coach trip, one of these 2 hour bus drive, 20 minutes walk, coffee and cake and possibly buying an overpriced vacuum cleaner, and two hours drive back home. The old coots had enjoyed their day out and coffee had been replaced with differing sorts of colourful alcoholic liquids. In other words, they were in a good mood on the way back, passing around nibblies. Every now and again one would go to the front and pass a few nuts to the bus driver to include him. He enjoyed the nuts and at the end of the trip he asked what brand they were. “Oh,” they said, “we’re eating Ferrero Rochers and having now teeth anymore we can’t bite the nuts in the centre …”

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