My mother

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Lunch

Don’t talk with
your mouth full
My mother used
to say.
Put as much
as you can
fit in your
on your
My mother used
to say
Sit up straight
elbows in
My mother used
to say.

Share with
your sister
My mother used
to say.

Always greet
the morning with
a smile
My mother used
to say.

29 thoughts on “My mother

  1. These are all birds I don’t know — they are all very nicely captured (as is the mailbox!). And the poem brings back many memories — “as my mother used to say!”

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    1. It’s great to have a couple of Kookaburra families around most of the time here. At the moment it’s the Little Friarbird chicks, they just don’t stop all day


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