Random Red

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Red

For this photo challenge, I randomly picked a folder until one of them held a red photo. After about 4 folders I found a Zygote cactus flower

A bit of music history. The start of Neil Finns career. From there to Crowded House, solo shows and now singing with Fleetwood Mac

14 thoughts on “Random Red

  1. My mum always called hers a Christmas cactus. She had one that was decades old, and when she passed away, my sister took custody of it. It’s still going strong, and it’s apt to out-live us all.

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    1. Happy you liked my zygote flower.
      The first time Split Enz in the 70’s, their stage show was like that. We were what the hell are we seeing. OK a bit of weed may have been involved. The show was insane with fabulous music.
      Roxy Music seemed quite tame after that 🙂


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