Flowers around here

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge February: Close Up or Macro

How I came about these selections. I download all my photos into a misc folder by date order. This morning I randomly picked a sub-folder date 30August 2020 (yes I am that behind in sorting photos) which luckily had the following photos from around my place.

The fruit from an Ink Plant, an introduced exotic plant from tropical America, and yes they did make ink from this plant

An Erect Guinea flower, 12 to24mm across, grows well on my place

A Yamba Sunshine Grevillea flower in my garden

So many flowers on the Lomandra Multiflora gives a tiny Stingless Native Bee lots of choices

Called an Australian Bluebell or Wahlenbergia sp, I find these little flowers all over my property

I think this is a Hovea of some species

41 thoughts on “Flowers around here

  1. It’s great to see flowers outside since we are now in the depths of winter. It hasn’t been terribly cold, but we are getting an arctic blast over the weekend which will be gone by Monday. Still, nothing is growing yet, so anything that flowers is doing it indoors. You do seem to have an amazing garden!

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  2. I love the Grevillea, Brian. I thought the yellow flower looked like our small yellow cistus, and that’s a very good argument for not even trying to sort my photos. Is it any wonder I don’t do challenges πŸ€ͺ❣️

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