This Weeks Spam – 31 January

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week: Week 4 2023

Just a few that have passed through the spam filter. The reduction in spam is good but also disappointing as I do enjoy sharing the spam I am getting with you. Again no p0rn this week for you.

1 First off is Rooppendra Kumar I call him Mr Persistent as I have blocked but he still reappeared.
This time on “Going Back to Italy”. His message, just a website which I am not going to display but it leads to an Amazon for sale page
Thanks but I can buy crap like that locally.

2 Here is Qwerty who used “Time to rap at the birdbath” post to give me advice
The comment “Habits a way of success” and included his web site – again not included. A lot of the replies to comments on his site were “Yeah, sure”
I am sure that’s not a habit for success.

3 Bring on FloydTow commenting on my post “Delicate and small” with a link in Russian
аренда яхт в турции мармарис european yachts (weblink removed)
If I need an European yacht I know who to contact.

4 Just in case I need Swedish telephone directory Georgesor sent me a link on my “Coming at you” post.
sweden virtual phone numbers – continent telecom (weblink removed)

5 Another persistent one was VAPECANS SHOP, who has featured here before in past spam posts, with all sorts of stuff in a long comment for sale in around FIFTY web site links.
I can buy golf carts, go-karts, even around twenty types of Glock guns, plus cookies, pies, runtz? and baby jeeters?
If you need a baby jeeter, just give me a shout and I’ll send the web link to you

30 thoughts on “This Weeks Spam – 31 January

    1. I can handle a few a week for my amusement. Until I stopped comments over 31 days, the spam has dropped from 20 to 30 a day to a couple a week. They are all click bait but I don’t get the money scams, perhaps they know I am poor.

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        1. That is strange that I no longer get the viagra sellers or sexy women wanting me. I must be getting too old.
          I have been doing the photo reduction on my site but the numbers don’t seem to change from the 92.8% as I go. When I look at the posts they come from, the photos still are large.
          I don’t want to resize the photos on the posts as just resizing is a long process.
          I am not sure whether this is a worthwhile process now

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        2. How strange. I gained a whole MB just fixing 50. Make sure when the image is saved it shows KB. Each time I hop into the media file, I manage to reduce a few. Are you using classic editor within the media file? It literally takes seconds.

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        3. Yes I am using classic. I have only done around 100 photos I do check the KB’s. I am reducing to 640X480 pixels which takes them to around 70kb.
          It doesn’t take long individually but I am doing a “page at a time. which makes it easy to remember where I am up to

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  1. Well Brian–I might be interested in purchasing golf carts, Glocks and cookies, but what’s a baby jeeter? Does it like cookies or pie? 😆
    For a while there I was getting a lot of spam from car dealers. Now it’s people with weird names.

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  2. Hey, I got on from Qwerty this eek too, but I forget what it was about. Mostly I just delete without reading. I had to look up baby jeeters, some kind of cannabis I think.

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  3. Hello. Stumbled upon your site (and this post) as the same VAPECANS spammer paid my blog a visit. I do suggest reporting the Cameroonian for multiple counts — including spamming, peddling illegal and/or contraband items, and illegal sale of controlled substances.

    Makes me wonder why WordPress doesn’t ban the idiot though. I guess the criminal is on a paid plan and WP wants a cut of the money? Aiding and abetting, that’s for sure.

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