Shades of Grafton #15 – Corrugated Iron Tops

Ludwig’s Monday Window

I have been able to get around town and gather a few more, plus I saw some I’ll have to go back for.

This looks like it has been a recent DYI repair. The flashing tape at the back gives it away

Tastefully restored and retained, even though the windows are aluminum. I like the brackets. I’ll have to try for a side on photo

Another recent restoration. You can see what I mean about the flashing at the rear of the shade. Just plain brackets but the angle is rather sharp. You would have to be sitting down to sticky beak at the neighbours

Ordinary. Nothing flash. They look like a shed job many years ago well restored. I think the owners were in the army, maybe the Q-Store and had some left over paint, if you know what I mean lol

22 thoughts on “Shades of Grafton #15 – Corrugated Iron Tops

    1. No one but then again not many people have been around when I have. Some I do from the car if I drive by if I see a shade and just want to get a photo.
      I often think of what to say if asked

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        1. There are some parts of town I wouldn’t try to take photos. I’d end up in the local FB page where all things that are happening get posted


  1. Another great collection, Brian. I think the sharp-angle people have been rather canny. If you sit down for a nosey at the neighbours, they won’t see you. As for the paint, I’ve always had a soft spot for olive green 😉

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