Messages to inspire

Lens-Artists Challenge #234: Messages

There are messages everywhere.
Some you see,
some you don’t.
Some are big,
some are small.
Some to make you think,
some to make you smile.
Some are subtle,
some are on a wall.
There are messages everywhere.


Let’s be positive

Something to ponder

The kids are in the back seat

Well played Grafton Council

Spelling helps (words in black added by my bestie and me)

More to think upon

Something we should all aspire to

A strong message

Messages can be found everywhere, if you look.

46 thoughts on “Messages to inspire

  1. So many fun messages you found and laughing pretty good with what you and bestie wrote about the typo leading to the fabric satin – hahaha
    And it really doesn’t rule – lol
    Oh my goodness I remember the satin sheets that were in during the 1980s

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      1. Hahah – yes! We had the water beds too and I think the satin sheets came free with the bed purchase
        Oh the tiles have changed
        Now memory foam beds are the “in” thing

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    1. As long as I have lived here, that side of the railway track is a no through rd. I wonder if at one time it may have been a level crossing and the rail line was raised out of flood height but couldn’t be bothered to make a tunnel

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        1. Stupidity trickles down from the Federal Govts, through State Govts and pools in local councils where they get paid to enact the whims of the stupidity of politicians who often go against the advice of the Public Servants who really know what is going on πŸ™‚


  2. Great finds! Are we there yet? LOL. We can all relate to that. Through street,OK. Logic at its finest. There is truth in enduring(once). But my favorite because there are so many messages that surround that one photo is the sunny side rock. Thanks for joining. Loved your unique photos, Brian.

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    1. Thanks ever so much Donna. I sort of guessed that the stone in the old timber cutters notch where they put a board so the could cut higher up the trunk where the tree was thinner. That old, aged stump would be probably 5 feet diameter πŸ™‚

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  3. Love them, Brian – my pick must be Grafton council and the sunny side. So recognised the kids’ sign, but never heard the quote from Tycho Brahe. Didn’t see it in his house either.

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