Pick a Word – January 2023

Thursday Special: Pick a Word January 2023

Time to have a go at my favourite photo challenge. This months words are a mix of easy (maybe) and a bit more to think about. Well the words gave me a lot of ideas. I put a photo in and then want to change my mind. To over come this, I have double dipped with a couple of photos that the words compelled me to post.

To compensate for taking a bit of your time, here are some of my favourite words as you scroll on by

Paula’s first set of words for this year are






I hope you had fun and found that that my photos matched Paula’s words. Want to know more about any of the photos, drop me a comment.
Did you see the duck on the fountain?

16 thoughts on “Pick a Word – January 2023

  1. It is not really a challenge, if the contributor has ready images. I remember when I participated in challenges that I actually went out (or took at home) specifically for the challenge. Those were the times. Ah

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    1. I guess not a challenge as such. I did have to remember where some of the photos I had were though. I take too many photos ๐Ÿ˜‚ Sometimes if I can, I’ll go out and get photos too.
      It is the best fun. I like to see what others post as well xx


      1. Oh yes, searching through photo files to find the right photo is a challenge in itself, as it is for me sometimes to come promptly to see the contributers’ post because most of the time my challenge posts are scheduled ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for the lovely entry.

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        1. Thank you Paula. I know how things are and don’t expect nor should anyone else to get a prompt reply. Most of the time I am ten hours ahead of most of the world so my mornings are full of chat comments and I do have time. x


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