Going back to Italy

Dan’s Thursday Doors

The doors of Italy. I must have some Italian blood as I just love going there every time I head to Europe. Let’s begin in Genoa with a very impressive doorway and a door that is dwarfed by the surrounding doorway.

A heraldic shield and impressive entrance in Verona

The wooden door from Milan with studs, brick arch and moulding

This could be a church door in Bologna

30 thoughts on “Going back to Italy

    1. Thanks Dan. It is a pity you have to get from A to B with not enough time to stop and photo doors. I was surprised I have more than I thought. I might just drip them out for the rest of 2023 😁

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  1. Doors with history! I like Italy too, there are still so many places I have to see there! Even though it is a relatively small country, it is packed with so much interesting stuff 😀! I of course cannot recall the door from Bologna you’ve shown, but the mention of it made me remember my own trip to Bologna 🙂. You can find it on my travel blog if you’d like to read – https://reflectionsontheriver.wordpress.com/2017/09/08/italian-adventure-day-4/

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  2. I like Italy, too. Some friends in Milan explained that big door with the little door as the street door and sometimes horses went in. A friend of mine lived in an apartment on the ground floor of a building with that entry and I am sure that once upon a time her apartment was a stable. So cool. I love Verona. I want to go back. Thank you for this!

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