37 thoughts on “Don’t leave your lunch unattended

  1. I can imagine lunch would be gone in a moment! This post reminded me of a set of photos I took just recently. A woman on the beach was feeding the gulls with some kind of bird food. She would throw up handfuls of feed and the gulls in flight would catch the tiny morsels in mid-flight. It was fascinating to watch.

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    1. The Silver Gulls around here are very god at food snatching. I was at an outdoor cafe when someone held a piece of fish or something in their hand as they chatted and a gull swooped and took the food right out of their hand 😲

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  2. ha ha. we were at a park yesterday where a big group of people finished what they wanted of their picnic lunch and then headed off for a walk leaving the remainders all spread on their huge picnic blanket. what fun the seagulls had, gobbling and squabbling!

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