Amylotheca dictyophleba – Brush Mistletoe

Cee’s Flower of the Day
Bren’s Floral Friday FF#83

Spreading to pendent shrub, parasitic on many species of rainforest trees, germination occurs on trees bark of a suitable host plant with a bit of the fruit spread by birds when they wipe sticky fruit pulp from their beaks.

Flowers are upright, attracting Mistletoe Birds, Lorikeets and Honeyeaters, mainly Summer.

19 thoughts on “Amylotheca dictyophleba – Brush Mistletoe

  1. Oh goodness, I’ve never seen flowers on the mistletoe we have here – but there must be some. In fact yes! I’ve just looked it up. They’re small and yellow and insignificant, not at all like your lovely red show-off 😉

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