Life of a white Agapanthus flower

Number twelve in the Life of….flower series.

Thanks for everyone’s lovely comments and encouragement over the past posts. I have already shown the blue Agapanthus flower life cycle and, as promised, here is the white Agapanthus flowers life cycle.

“Agapanthus (Agapanthus  spp.) also known as the African Lily or the Lily of the Nile is a fleshy rooted perennial. It is part of the Liliaceae family and is native to Southern Africa.”

Some of the spears appear to be quite small at the start of flowering

Gradually filling out

Then a slight opening to reveal the white flower buds

Finally breaking free from the casing into the sunshine

The remnant of the casing still clinging on

The buds are so full and soon the umbrel will explode into flower

When some of the buds open, it doesn’t take long for the Stingless Native Bees to come for some pollen

An open flower makes it easy to hang on while gathering pollen

Many of the flowers have opened and other buds are waiting

The flowers are so white

Finally some of the flowers are dying while there are still lots of buds yet to open

The flower heads are almost finished leaving stalks where the flowers once were

I hope you have enjoyed the white Agapanthus flowers life story. There are some more that I am working on but they will have to wait a while until I can get organised and the flowers cooperate.

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20 thoughts on “Life of a white Agapanthus flower

      1. I’m good that the beginning stages. But the drying and dead parts I just don’t see the beauty and when I try to take photos of them …. they are horrible. Although I do like peonies 😀 😀 and have taken a few good shots of them.

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        1. Sometimes the final wilt can be quite eye catching.
          I see what your problem is though. If you can’t appreciate the flowers final stages, then the photos won’t turn out as well as expected, but then again you have set high standards for yourself I think. This is what makes me try a bit harder as well 🤗❤️

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