Going back to France

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These are a few doors from various places in France. First up is a rather ornate door in Lyon set in beautifully carved stone doorway and lintel

One reason I like to go to Lyon is to eat at Cafe Joseph with it’s cheerful green door. Unfortunately last time we were there I went to book for dinner. He said he no longer did evenings and he said that he was closing. It must be sad for the locals and office workers nearby as it was always packed at lunchtime.

Some of the doors in Avignon seen quite old

and some of the doors in Les Baux de Provence, just up the road from Avignon seem older still.
Baux is high on a hill and has been inhabited for millions of years. A French geologist Pierre Berthier discovered a red rock rich in alumina that he called bauxite, the main ore for the production of aluminium.

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  1. These are wonderful doors. I love arched wooden doors in a stone entrance. I immediately start imagining the different eras in which these doors served, the people who passed through them. There must be millions of memories, if only the doors could speak. I love the hinges on that door at the top, but I love the structure of the door in Avignon. Thanks for sharing these with Thursday Doors.

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