It’s evolution

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Warning

The usually placid
who likes
to sleep

sniff the air
sit up
seeing around

As time moves
so must
everything else

From a time
back there
a reminder
a simpler life
magic is real

To now
evolution has
changed habits
normally slow
many dangers

But now we
are asked
watch out
Koala evolution
run amuck
So now
when in the
watch out
yes a

Koalas on bicycles

There will be a lot of you wondering about the blue Koala statue. That is “Bunyip Bluegum the koala, his friends, and Albert, β€˜a quarrelsome, endlessly renewable pudding, who can turn himself into any type of pudding your tastebuds desire.

First published in 1918, The Magic Pudding has never been out of print. The story has been translated into several different languages and adapted for puppet theatre, an audio book and animated film.

Norman Lindsay allegedly wrote The Magic Pudding to settle an argument with a friend who thought that children only liked to read about fairies. Lindsay was convinced they preferred to read about food.”
* new south wales govt archive

34 thoughts on “It’s evolution

      1. I wish I had heard him because I could have said – race you there. One of my son’s female colleagues has been pilloried for advice she provided on a job. I think he is getting a lesson in the outrageous bullying women are faced with when they refuse to submit.

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    1. That is a horrid thing to say. I would report him to the police so there is a record of his behaviour even if the police do nothing this time.
      You really need council support more than anything else and gather other environmental groups support as well.
      The very best of luck Tracy. Bullies are so hard to have in your face all the time πŸ€—


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