Whizzing along

Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday: Limit

We boarded the train
and headed off
what to discover
the countryside
at every second

Comfortable seats
room to spare
further along
the food trolley
almost here

But look
I say
the limit
Whizzing along

Later on……

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16 thoughts on “Whizzing along

  1. A great verse: though I thought the onomatopoeic words applied even better to the more elderly trains in your collection. That Spanish high speed train is quite a thing though, isn’t it? We went from Barcelona and on to Paris last summer, on the top deck no less. Wonderful.

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        1. Yep. Having the barista making espressos on the Italian train, afternoon tea, coffee or beer on the Spanish train and having apΓ©ritif in the dining car on the French train with the woman behind the bar teetering about in high heels

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