Going back to Spain

Dans Thursday Doors

I was looking through some old photos in my “this year will be the year” of photo sorting. Of course that gave me an idea for Thursday Doors so here I am on a tangent.

I went to Spain as part of a tour in 2009 and strangely back then I had a bit of a door fetish. (Manja was the first person to catch on and nagged made me do Thursday Doors posts.

Therefore here is a few of the doors I took photos of way back, then starting in Madrid with a rather grand door. I wish I peeked in now

Some solid first floor doors in Toledo, a quick train ride from Madrid. Love the external moulding.

One of the doors into a church in Granada

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  1. These doors are wonderful. I had to laugh at your comment about Manja. She has brought several people to Thursday Doors. If we had an organization chart, she’d be in charge of recruitment. I have seen so many beautiful doors that people have shared from visits to Spain. It must be a lovely country.

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