A lucky dip of words

Lucky Dip Saturday Mix 7 January

The “rules” are –

Week 1Lucky Dip (same name, new format).
For this challenge, I will be using “Rory’s Story Cubes” to generate 9 random “ideas” for inclusion in your response. I use story cubes with my students at school and just like the lucky dips from our childhood, you never know what you’re going to get! You need to use a minimum of 5 cubes, or for an extra challenge, try and use all 9. The cubes can be interpreted any way you like and for your response it is your choice to use poetry or prose.

The afternoon storm
struck at four
the book I was reading
fell to the floor.
The double helix
will have to wait
I grabbed my stick
and out the gate
to see the rainbow
in the sky
but look a plane
up there on high
probably delivering medicines
to those in need
made from flowers,
or even a weed

See you never know what you are going to get. This was just written without any editing or re-wording

29 thoughts on “A lucky dip of words

  1. Mine are in the classroom (school starts again next week), so here goes:

    I’m sitting in an airplane
    flying into a fake rainbow
    reading a book
    about chess wars in Surinam.
    The steward smiles when he
    hands me a drink but
    I don’t appreciate the interruption.
    We land at four in the morning
    and I grab my cane
    doing a good impression of
    Dr. House with my hurt knee
    hobbling towards the reception
    committee (the ones who share my DNA)
    holding out a single yellow flower.

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