Shades of Grafton #16 – Scalloped tin shades

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

Continuing on with my theme for Monday Windows of window shades. This week I am showcasing the most prevalent type of shade in Grafton I have found so far, the tin ones with scalloped edges.

These are a classic example, plain with decorative edging

I wasn’t aware that the shades came in different sizes as most are for stock standard window sizes of the early to mid 20th Century. The window has been replaced with aluminum but they retained the shade

Same house, different sized (replaced) window. Both shades need a bit of TLC

The scallops on these are bigger than others I have found. Looks like the Morning Glory (a pest weed here as it grows rampant) is going to take over the house. Again a bit of house love might see a different looking window although I find those burglar preventative window screens are quite ugly.

A trio of happy shades

The shade on the front of the house has it’s fancy scallops on the top rather than around the edges

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