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Terri’s Sunday Stills: What did YOU do in #2022

I intended to do a selection of YOUR favourite photos over the year. Graham from Hawaii had a great idea so I am going to steal his idea for my 2022 wrap up. Grab a photo from a post and add the post link in case you would like to see more of what is in that post.

It appears my home page and my photo challenge, Last on the Card, are the two most popular pages on my blog every month. So I have selected the most popular post for the month. Let me know if your favourite photo appears.


As seen in My last post for 2021


The Seagull was part of Finding Gold


In the Peaceful evening post


A selection of wet fluffy birds in After the bath but these three little Thornbills stole hearts


The bees were popular as much as the flowers in Life of a Blue Ginger


A mix of fireside photos and poetry in Tonight is the Winter Solstice


Monday Portraits always drew comments and likes. A female Satin Bowerbird in Monday Portrait – 18 July


Kangaroos enjoying the sunshine in my Some of my favourite sun photos


A little Red-necked Wallaby Joey Taking a peek


The prompt was “Birds” hence the title Where do I begin The Royal Spoonbill individually drew the most comments


Everyone wanted this T-Shirt I found at the markets for Becky’s Square photo challenge for the month Walking Squares#5 – Bubbles, Fun and Nudity


In Parrot patterns you didn’t have a favourite, you seemed to enjoy the whole post, photos of a female King Parrot and the silly story

So to 2022…..

16 thoughts on “Welcome to pick-a-post

  1. I’m with Terri…it’s hard to pick…I too loved the fluffy birds. I also liked the spoonbill and the bee in the flower too. Now I’ll have to go read the posts that went with them.

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    1. Thanks Kirstin. Some of the posts are just one photo so it wont take long. I was thinking of adding that to the post letting people not to bother looking as it is just what is there already.


  2. I remember all of these Brian, though I think the spoonbill and the shirt are my favorites. Dare I say that Mary Hopkin doesn’t look too thrilled to be appearing with Paul McCartney in that video!

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  3. Hi Brian, I am skimming tonight and stopped in to say hi, and sorry I’m not leaving tons of comments. I am looking for your end-of-the-month post, but I got sidetracked. LOL. I love your kangaroos sunning themselves. They look super relaxed. 🙂 Hope you are off to a great start for 2023. Sounds like you are. 🙂

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