This Weeks Spam – 2 January

Fandango’s Spam Comment of The Week – Week 52

I have a good lot for this week’s Spam wrap-up.

  • Let start with Jagaccoff who sent this comment for Macro Monday 19 December. Lots of information to digest here

“Wilson TW, et al *buy cialis online india* (weblink removed) Whilst no systematic study has been carried out, it does appear that electron withdrawing substituents at the 3 position promote cyclization at C 2, whilst donor substituents lead to para cyclization 58JCS4227”

  • Catalina Human had some great tips and information on my About page, so I wouldn’t have to write again but gave me a time limit. Sorry sister I missed that deadline but great name to convince me that you aren’t a robot

“Last 2 days to grab the best ai writer with GPT-3. Jasper and Surfer SEO alternative.

This message below is written by our AI without manual editing:

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Introducing our AI content writing tool that has over 70 AI content tools, including long form posts, ads, products, poem, descriptions, blog titles, outlines, intros, body, conclusions, ad copy writer, social media content creator, SEO improver, and unique related image generator.
This AI content writing tool is the perfect way to create content that will stand out and help your website rank higher on Google. It will also generate unique images related to the keywords and descriptions you provide. You can create unlimited content as there is no word limit.

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If you would like to find out more about our AI content writing tool and its capabilities:

Human summary:
Features in short:
– Lifetime, unlimited words
– 70+ AI content cretion tools
– SEO powered writer, improver and editor
– Ultimate SERP tool: Competitor analysis with top 10 of SERP, analyzes with NLP, and helps create content on them
– Unique image generator
– 60 days money back guarantee”

The Health Coach came back again on Friday Fun, even though I thought I had blocked him. He has lots to sell and the comment is quite long filled with websites to visit to get lot of stuff. I put it into bulk edit so I could grab a gist of what to show you. Yes the Health Coach sells Vape paraphernalia

“Buy Belviq Online Buy Trulicity Online Buy Stromectol Ivermectin for covid 19 Banana Runtz Weed Strain Zoap Strain Ice Capz Strain White Runtz Strain Buy Vape Carts Wholesale on YouTube |Buy Weed wholesale YouTube |Marijuana for sale YouTube”
Also includes such items as “Buy Glock Guns Online Telegram
Welcome to James Firearms Shop, an online depot where you can Buy Firearms and Ammunition Such as Glock 19 for sale ….”
“Bitcoin Mining Machines For Sale Telegram”
Even Russian Blue Kittens…….

  • Albertha Her has me all sorted with SOE with another About page comment


Monitor traffic forecasts, keywords and URLs, growth trends, and heat maps in 10 LANGUAGES with detailed SEO reports sent to your email for only USD19 lifetime licence.

Alternative to
– Ahrefs
– SEMrush
– SurferSEO

It gives you everything you need to monitor UNLIMITED KEYWORDS, core keywords, and brand-related keywords.

Keep tabs on growth trends for top URLs and keywords, as well as keyword evolution maps, so your content strategy is always on point.

You can even calculate the performance of URLs, folders, and subdomains to tackle any immediate issues head on!

** Instead of spending hours identifying priorities and opportunities, let SEOcrawl generate actionable SEO reports on the spot.

Features included in all plans
– Actionable SEO reports
– Download data (CSV, Excel, Google Sheets)
– Task management for users
– Keyword, URL, and folder rank tracker
– Automatic weekly and monthly SEO report
– 10 languages and all future languages supported (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Turkish, Polish, Russian)
– SEO extension for Google Chrome
– SEO insights with AI and automated analysis”

  • Playegege on my I am here in a way post, is short and to the point suggesting I may need a bit of chemical assistance

“buy cialis* website unlinked* 8900049 CIDOMYCIN EYE EAR DROPS 0

  • While Ernestskase also commenting on I am here in a way post was very short wanting me to visit his website. Yes that was all that was there, just a website

“top casino 2023”

13 thoughts on “This Weeks Spam – 2 January

  1. You get some very interesting spam messages, Brian. Apparently there are people in the blogosphere who believe you are in desperate need of erectile dysfunction drugs. Is there something you need to tell us, Brian? 😏

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    1. I know. I didn’t know what cailse, or whatever it is called, was until I looked it up. It appears they may have been peering through someone elses window Fandango 👀

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    1. I can deal with one a day if that. It will increase now I have made Last on the Card a “Sticky” so it’s on the top of my blog until I take it off, probably about 10 days time

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  2. I don’t really read my spam these days because there seems to be some much of it. It comes from “real” places like sprinter van addresses and the like. Sigh. Seems like spam used to be more creative and fun.

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    1. There has been a decline in the quality of spam I must agree. Only a small percentage of mine come from businesses now since I closed comments on posts after 31 days but they are still trying to sell me stuff


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