Shades of Grafton #15 – refurbished

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

This weeks shades have all had a make over. I like how these home owners kept the window shade but went for an economical repair by having the roof extend as part of the shade. I like the tulip design on the slats. Pity the wooden window was replaced with aluminum. At least they kept the top windows of coloured glass.

These have to be the chunkiest shades. A basic owner built shades I am guessing. I like how the rear slat extends to the bottom of the window frame giving a nice arc.

Wonderful old tin scalloped shades which are so prevalent around Grafton. These have been restored and repainted in the original colours. The scalloped tin shades are either red or green on the outside of the shades I have found.

You can tell this is a new refurbishment due to the use of mini-orb corrugated iron. All very clean and neat.

I spoke to the couple who own this over one-hundred years old house who were doing some renovations to their front fence. They love the look of the shades and the feel of their house which is such a lovely cottage. These shades have been fixed and painted and the plain tin of the shade is next on the wash down and repaint job list.