This Weeks Spam – 19 December

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week – Week 50

As it was half way through the month, I took the Sticky (the button you use to have a post at the top of your page) off the Last on the Card, my photo challenge. Since I did that, the spam dropped off considerably and only three to report on this week. For those who look forward to the p0rn spam comments, I am afraid there isn’t any. Perhaps using a Sticky and p0rn have a connection?

Anyway lets get going with –

The Health Coach, (with a vapecans web address), who wants me to

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Next came along 535, web address habibp0rn…..who has difficulties ass well

  • ” Excelolent post. I’m dealing with some off these isaues ass well..”

Bring on Cartonnemarievoyant who could possibly sort out 535. I’ll pass her WhatsApp number don’t you think?

  • “Hello my darlings I have a very effective secret to give you. You who have couple and relational problems, tight from your husbands, you who can’t conceive children, blockages, you don’t have a job and you want to have the chance to succeed, you want to separate your husband from his mistress. Write me in private and I’ll give you my secret and the consultation is available my WhatsApp number…..”

12 thoughts on “This Weeks Spam – 19 December

    1. I know. Just stopping comments after 30 days dropped the spam immediately to only a few a week.
      Twitter spam doesn’t seem to get here., I don’t get much spam there at all, just the occasional busty woman wanting to be my friend. I should write back and say are you looking for a Grandfather friend 😂

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