Now and before

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: Close Up or Macro

I found a small spider having breakfast this morning

I’ve sorting photos I am still in the mid 2020’s. Can only do a few days at a time. Some of the date folders, (all my photos when I download go in to a misc folder), have a few photos and some days of discovery have over one hundred photos.

Australian Green Tree Frogs are the happiest looking frogs. This photo is from 28 Sept 2020

18 thoughts on “Now and before

  1. Very nice Brian. You’re so right about those frogs. I have to sort my photos when I download them or I’m doomed. Unfortunately, for several years I’d select photos to process and keep, but neglected to delete the originals of the rest, so now they’re clogging my hard drive!

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    1. Thanks Graham
      The hard drive clog is getting me as well.
      Going through the older ones to sort I have some that are “Why did I keep that one?” or “I don’t need so many of the same thing” when using the multiple frames a second.

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