Shades of Grafton #13 – In need of love

Ludwig’s Monday Window

In my series of windows and their shades, I have shown many styles of window shade. One thing that I am also finding is the poor unfortunate shades that haven’t been looked at let alone loved for many years.

As most of these shades have been found walking around town, I have Squared them for Becky and her #WalkingSquares

I love the scalloped shades. These are on a church building. I hope they can fix them before it’s too late

The windows and the garden looked a treat. Pity no one has looked up

On a first floor window so it doesn’t look like this one will be seen to anytime soon

Everything is very much the worse for wear, even the house next door, but lovely painted scallops

One of the classic designs around Grafton. This one has great structure just needs the top seen to before it all falls apart

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    1. I am guessing unfortunate rentals where the landlord doesn’t care. When it becomes uninhabitable, they’ll just knock it down and build a stupid new bit of crap and not regard the heritage

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