Walking Squares #24 – In the garden

Becky’s #WalkingSquares

This months squares has been fun. Unfortunately I have been unable to post as much as I usually do and feel I have let Becky down.

I have had a busy day, actually a busy week so far, so I haven’t taken many photos. This afternoon I was getting the washing in and spotted a Swamp Bluet Damselfly in the garden. Luckily it stayed around while I went for my camera

I hope that everyone’s fabulous walking photos have helped you Becky as you take this part of your life head on. I wish there was more I could do to help ease this unfathomable pain you are feeling. I am always here for you ❤❤

32 thoughts on “Walking Squares #24 – In the garden

  1. You absolutely haven’t let Becky, or yourself, down, Brian. You have been here every day and are always here for any of us that need you. So there! She says, poking her tongue out… and sending hugs.

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