This is November 2022

Welcome to the wrap up of my November. It was a rather weird month for me, full of ups and downs. I didn’t take that many photos. Of course this is also part of The Changing Seasons. The details are at the end of this post.

The month was one of change. The first two weeks were almost constant rain, then the rain stopped and the sun came out. Almost overnight the ground dried and the grass started to turn brown, trees started dropping leaves and plants in the garden didn’t take long to droop.

So let’s get going into my November Tale and please enjoy a song while you have a look at my November

I’ll start with the best of #WalkingSquares as most of my photos were for Becky. These photos are the ones that you commented on.

The following photos are others that I set aside for my November wrap. I hope you enjoy these as well

I was pleased to see one of the Red-necked Wallabies in the garden with an over sized pouch. The little one didn’t poke its head out though.

I love how these berries change colour from almost white when they first appear to purple to a dark blue. Lots of birds like them. Not sure of the name of the bush they belong to

There were lots of what I think are Pink Fingers flowers in the garden. They enjoyed the wet first part of November

Native Frangipanni flowers added a lovely scent to the air especially in the morning and afternoon. The flowers start white and as they age, they turn yellow.

The Giant Salvia flowered quite well. Undoubtedly due to the rain. The plants grew to over three metres!!!

I went to the Granite Lookout as I heard the Waratahs were flowering. I wasn’t disappointed. There was splashed of red everywhere at the lookout.

Along the track, the White Tall Everlasting Paper Daisies were flowering everywhere

Meanwhile in Grafton, the Jacaranda Festival was in full swing. I love the contrast of the purple flowers against the grey leaden sky. The day I went in to see the festivities it poured with rain as I arrived and after escaping to a cafe for a coffee, the rain had gone

The flowers after a rainstorm are strewn over everything. Even the vintage cars on display didn’t escape

Can you see the VW Beetle reflected on the VW Kombi?

As I was looking at the cars, a Magpie suddenly appeared and was chasing a beetle (not the car type) and managed to get a snack right in front of me

After the rain had gone the weather warmed up for the last two weeks of November bringing the flies out. This must be the shiniest fly I have ever seen.

A monthly wrap up wouldn’t be the same without an Eastern Yellow Robin making an appearance. I love how they sit on the trunk of a tree. One of my favourite birds in my garden.

In late October I could hear the Wonga Pigeons call in the bush. One day one strolled through the garden.

When the weather warmed up, the Dragonflies seemed to be everywhere.

Well the sun is going down after a stormy day so I better get going.

As usual I must ask if you had a favourite photo.

About The Changing Seasons

The Changing Seasons is a monthly project where bloggers around the world share their thoughts and feelings about the month just gone. We all approach this slightly differently, though generally with an emphasis on the photos we’ve taken during the month.

For many of us, looking back over these photos provides the structure and narrative of our post, so each month is different. Some focus on documenting the changes in a particular project — such as a garden, an art or craft project, or a photographic diary of a familiar landscape.

But in the end, it is your changing season, and you should approach it however works for you.

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68 thoughts on “This is November 2022

  1. A wonderful wrap up of the both the month and Squares, and I love your extra squares. Here’s hoping December is an easier month for you Brian, and thank you again for being there this month. Promise that email will be with you soon!

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    1. Thank you. The extra squares were
      1 either I didn’t change my camera setting or
      2 cropping them, square was the best lol
      I have been meaning to write as well.
      I am heading to K’s to dog sit for a few days and then home with the dogs for a week. I will have a chance to write from her place as long as I can manage it with my tablet xx

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  2. So hard to choose just one favorite! Okay, so categories of favorites? The wallabies just because we don’t have them here in the States. For flowers, the jacarandas. That shade of purple is intoxicating. For insects, the dragonflies, especially the last photo. Amongst the unusual, I’m torn between the bicycle with the flower pots and Tow Mater. And for landscapes, the very rocky spot on the coast with one lonely tree.

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  3. I’m very sorry to hear about the downs of your month, but it’s great to see some of the ups. The lavender petals are as lovely on the car as they are in the tree. Your yellow robin reminded me of a tree creeper. Do you have those?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Susan. Life does that at times.
      Yes I do have Tree Creepers here. Yellow Robins don’t have big feet so they just land sideways on a tree but don’t hop about 🙂


  4. This wasn’t a great month for my photography either. Beside not feeling well, after the leaves fell of the trees, it was hard to find something to take pictures of. Other than Christmas Cactus and food 😀

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  5. Ah, I missed a lot of your earlier squares because I was travelling so it’s great to see the highlights now. The t-shirt made me smile of course and the jacarandas are stunning (good to see they made a second appearance lower down the page!) As for the rest, I’m intrigued by the waratahs, while I’m always very happy to see your very different robins 🙂

    Here’s my October and November rolled into one, because of the travelling:

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  6. Lucky you have the whole crew there to keep you going, Brian. All your photos are wondrous. I like the wind blown gulls? And the tiny fringe lilies because I put some in my verge garden last month and enjoyed their delicate beauty. Now all you have to do is get through December!

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  7. That wallaby is giving you a look, Brian. My favorite would have to be the magpie, a great capture of a fleeting events. Favorite name though would be the wonga pigeon!

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    1. She was a bit suspicious of what I was doing. Yes that magpie encounter was great seeing the chase and capture. Wonga Pigeon is up there with Spangled Drongo for great names

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  8. Wow!
    This is certainly an amazing wrap for a wonderful November, Brian.
    The florals, the birds and rest of your captures are just so lovely.
    Mater is my son’s favorite toy. The other one is Lightning McQueen and yes, he is a big Cars fan 🙂

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  9. Sorry to hear it’s been a weird month Brian … hope December works out better. Still, you bring us stunning images which being many a wow! and smile. My 2 favourites are the expression on the wallaby mom (it looks could kill!) & the many hued bunch of berries (complexity of so many shades).

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