Walking Squares #21 – A shed, swans and a flower

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Today I went to have a look at the block of land my daughter bought downriver at Lawrence. It was lovely to spend some time. I didn’t think I would see any of the ski boats and skiers today. I saw a few boats as I drove along side of the Clarence River pelting along dragging their skiers. No photos today though.

On the way back I stopped at the spot where the Black Swans were last time I went to Lawrence. They were there so the walk was short but a walk never the less.

Lets get on the swan and go

A bit before where I could stop and get a few Black Swan photos is an old shed, possibly part of dairy bails as the lower river area was mainly dairying country. I had to walk back to get this photo

Oh no, you are not getting my photo. I’m heading over the other side of the river.

That’s OK, we don’t mind the occasional photo shoot

What are you doing there?
gmmmph urble smmmmrk bleeem glub glub

Oh sorry, I was just having a look to see if there were any snacks

If that Swan thinks there is food down there, I’d better have a look too

In the garden, just near where I parked, they had a lovely display of Bird of Paradise flowers

Yes I know this one isn’t square.
For those following along on the gate building project, these are a similar design to the ones I am making. Being on level ground and sturdy fencing either side, this gate is one big gate and able to open easily. I took the photo as I may have to redesign my gates as I originally only had one bracing board on one side. Luckily I have enough leftover timber to add another diagonal bracing board.

Cee’s FOTD

20 thoughts on “Walking Squares #21 – A shed, swans and a flower

    1. It is from reading all of the Dr Doolittle books as a child πŸ™‚
      It was. When I got home I looked at one of the first gates I made, but no longer in use but is in storage. It had double bracing as well

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  1. ooh what a great gate design, looking forward to seeing yours in due course – in the meanwhile I just love Australian swans. I wonder why only Australia ended up with black ones.

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    1. That shall remain a mystery. Maybe I’ll look it up when I have time. I’m off to a 2 day regional Landcare meeting today.
      Isn’t that gate a good one. Glad I saw it and had a look at my old gate. More timber will make it a tad more heavy but that’s OK x

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  2. Ah, now I understand Becky’s gate comment! Swans are popular today. As an aside I once adored Marc Bolan (that hair) but the lyrics to all of his songs are pretty atrocious!

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