Walking Squares #20 – Superman, a river and a weather vane

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Saturday is a go to town day for me. I get a few groceries I need, plus have a browse, window shop and enjoy a coffee at the cafe in the art gallery. This weekend in Grafton is the Bridge to Bridge race. There are some rather large ski boats around the streets and a few in the water. I went to the river to see if any practice action was still happening. The actual race is tomorrow.

Come join me on the dock of the bay

While I was hanging waiting for some boats to appear, I noticed a rooster weather vane on a nearby house. I have been trying to find one around the Clarence Valley for quite a while. Quest achieved

As I parked the car, I could hear a couple of boats roar up the river. By the time I was there, some of those boats were just putting back to the boat ramp. This time Superman wasn’t so super.

And then there was a roar of an engine and from downstream a boat appeared travelling very fast. I should have changed my camera settings to get a better photo of the action.
On that line coming from the rear of the boat are two water skiers. The ski rope must be at least twenty metres long. I couldn’t get the skiers and the boat in the same shot.

I couldn’t resist playing with the photo of the skiers a little bit. The photo was rather crap but I think this edit makes it much better. The top of the photo is the reflection of vegetation on the water

25 thoughts on “Walking Squares #20 – Superman, a river and a weather vane

    1. Not going to town tomorrow for that but may have a look on the way past to visit my daughter. It’s all over and done with in an hour. They start at Grafton Bridge at 9am I think and race to the Harwood Bridge and will be there by 10am. If I am early enough, I might get a glimpse at Lawrence on my way.


    1. It’s a once a year thing. Not much watching as they zoom down the river towing two skiers so you get a few minutes as they flash by. Not my thing but it brings lots of people to town and is good for the towns economy

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