Walking Squares #18 – Timber and insects

Becky’s #WalkingSquares

Today was another day spent doing the walk from the shed to the house. It was a productive day. I have cut all of the timber into the lengths I need to make the gates.

So today I was walking like a man

Here are the last two planks of timber to be cut and the workings. My Makita Drop-Saw has been used to build my house and many a project. It was a bit tired by the end of today but a clean up and service will see it ready for the next project.

Hopefully the next time you see these pieces of wood, they will look a lot different.

While going back and forth sometimes something pops up.

The Sun really lit up the cross on the St Andrews Cross Spiders web.

I knew someone was watching me. Possibly a Splendid Ochre Butterfly but I am not one hundred percent sure

Thankfully I did a major clean up and cover the unused timber as it rained in the evening. The garden needed a good watering.

28 thoughts on “Walking Squares #18 – Timber and insects

        1. Yes, the bloke who replaced my burnt boundary fences said he would help when I was ready. I’ll really need it. I am trying to work out where I can store them until I am ready to hang them x


        2. Yes Two gates 2.7M long and 1.2M high and two gates 2.1M by 1.2M Made from 100X25mm boards of Australian hardwood.

          Had to make double gates otherwise I would have to change the front entrance posts


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